Kids Bring Us Good Laughs

Every parent knows the challenges of having kids. However, raising a child is not always firm voices and strong faces! Joyous laughter and soft giggles are also shared with these little folks. Little moments with them are too precious that when we look back once they grow bigger, we have something to smile to.

Simple tasks can go really messy but still fun and silly! I remember Charlotte and me talking about feeding our infant son. My shirt had more spots on it than a statue in the park! It was a really short moment but we got a big laugh from that and it’s a core memory that will surely stick around with us for a long time. It’s not just a cute scene of a family, it’s also a nice way to bond with your partner!

On another occasion, I was home on Saturday with my two-year-old and Charlotte was at work.  The moment she got home, she walked straight to our TV area as the redheaded toddler ran out the other door. I was sprawled on the couch which made Charlotte ask, “What happened to you?” I replied, “A day off with him is no day off.” Charlotte burst into laughter; I was too tired to laugh on the other hand. But reminiscing it now feels warm and soft on the inside! Kids literally bring us good laughs both during the present time and in the future. Let’s not get carried away and cry at the good memories though!

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