Teaching Children How Life Goes

The hardest part of being a parent is to see our kids grow every passing day. We all come to the point where we think to ourselves, “If only time would slow down.” However, no matter how difficult it is, it’s part of life’s natural cycle. Among the important parenting roles is our presence in their journey and the guidance we can provide along the way. Teaching them in the most age-appropriate approach as much as possible can be pretty tough, but it’s always worth it in the end.

A story I can share is about a tassel hanging from the key to Charlotte’s china cabinet and the key is always in its lock. Lucy would extend her body to slap the tassel. Eventually, she developed a daily tassel-slapping routine. Everything was going fine until one day, the tassel disappeared, and it has never been found since then. This is one of the things we get to teach our children, that sometimes things occur unexpectedly and change the routine we’ve gotten used to, but it doesn’t mean life stops there. It may sound like a deep topic to teach a child, yet it’s actually a good head start to making a child understand how life goes in the long run.

Sometimes, we learn from the lessons we teach our children too! We say things that don’t really sink into us unless we mention it when guiding them. Adults are never really grownups. We’re all just children with developed capabilities and physiques, but deep down, we’re also kids still learning about how life goes. That’s one significant fragment of being a parent, growing, and learning with our children.

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