Am I Ready to Be a Parent?

This is one of the biggest questions we have to ask ourselves before we enter parenthood. Am I ready to raise a child?

No matter how many times we repeat this, it remains true that having a child is not easy at all. There will always be countless challenges and endless responsibilities of being a parent that lingers even when kids move on to their own families. There’s this unbreakable parent-child bond. Nonetheless, this bond is not enough to guarantee effective parenthood. One must be physically, mentally, and emotionally stable upon entering this position because raising a child requires putting your child’s needs before yours. We must not pass on to our children the burden of being alive just because we’re not ready to be parents. There are instances that children are forced to grow up at such an early age because their parents fail to provide the necessities of raising a child. It may be disheartening to know such a scenario exists but we can’t deny the harsh reality.

Constantly ask yourself if you’re ready because in the end, we all share this mutual understanding that no child should ever be born for the sake of accomplishing the parents’ failed dreams, paying their debts, or to be the next slave. None of us want that.

Children are blessings in various wholesome ways, but they deserve to be brought to this world with willing and ready parents. No child should ever grow up asking themself, “Why have I not been loved by my parents?”

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