Am I Ready to Be a Parent?

This is one of the biggest questions we have to ask ourselves before we enter parenthood. Am I ready to raise a child?

No matter how many times we repeat this, it remains true that having a child is not easy at all. There will always be countless challenges and endless responsibilities of being a parent that lingers even when kids move on to their own families. There’s this unbreakable parent-child bond. Nonetheless, this bond is not enough to guarantee effective parenthood. One must be physically, mentally, and emotionally stable upon entering this position because raising a child requires putting your child’s needs before yours. We must not pass on to our children the burden of being alive just because we’re not ready to be parents. There are instances that children are forced to grow up at such an early age because their parents fail to provide the necessities of raising a child. It may be disheartening to know such a scenario exists but we can’t deny the harsh reality.

Constantly ask yourself if you’re ready because in the end, we all share this mutual understanding that no child should ever be born for the sake of accomplishing the parents’ failed dreams, paying their debts, or to be the next slave. None of us want that.

Children are blessings in various wholesome ways, but they deserve to be brought to this world with willing and ready parents. No child should ever grow up asking themself, “Why have I not been loved by my parents?”

Teaching Children How Life Goes

The hardest part of being a parent is to see our kids grow every passing day. We all come to the point where we think to ourselves, “If only time would slow down.” However, no matter how difficult it is, it’s part of life’s natural cycle. Among the important parenting roles is our presence in their journey and the guidance we can provide along the way. Teaching them in the most age-appropriate approach as much as possible can be pretty tough, but it’s always worth it in the end.

A story I can share is about a tassel hanging from the key to Charlotte’s china cabinet and the key is always in its lock. Lucy would extend her body to slap the tassel. Eventually, she developed a daily tassel-slapping routine. Everything was going fine until one day, the tassel disappeared, and it has never been found since then. This is one of the things we get to teach our children, that sometimes things occur unexpectedly and change the routine we’ve gotten used to, but it doesn’t mean life stops there. It may sound like a deep topic to teach a child, yet it’s actually a good head start to making a child understand how life goes in the long run.

Sometimes, we learn from the lessons we teach our children too! We say things that don’t really sink into us unless we mention it when guiding them. Adults are never really grownups. We’re all just children with developed capabilities and physiques, but deep down, we’re also kids still learning about how life goes. That’s one significant fragment of being a parent, growing, and learning with our children.

Kids Bring Us Good Laughs

Every parent knows the challenges of having kids. However, raising a child is not always firm voices and strong faces! Joyous laughter and soft giggles are also shared with these little folks. Little moments with them are too precious that when we look back once they grow bigger, we have something to smile to.

Simple tasks can go really messy but still fun and silly! I remember Charlotte and me talking about feeding our infant son. My shirt had more spots on it than a statue in the park! It was a really short moment but we got a big laugh from that and it’s a core memory that will surely stick around with us for a long time. It’s not just a cute scene of a family, it’s also a nice way to bond with your partner!

On another occasion, I was home on Saturday with my two-year-old and Charlotte was at work.  The moment she got home, she walked straight to our TV area as the redheaded toddler ran out the other door. I was sprawled on the couch which made Charlotte ask, “What happened to you?” I replied, “A day off with him is no day off.” Charlotte burst into laughter; I was too tired to laugh on the other hand. But reminiscing it now feels warm and soft on the inside! Kids literally bring us good laughs both during the present time and in the future. Let’s not get carried away and cry at the good memories though!

Is Parenting Easy?

Kids are pretty fun to be with at home. They always set a brighter and more energetic mood. Their smiles and laughter are contagious which makes everything lighter. But having kids is not always cheery and positive because stress and lack of rest will eventually kick in. It’s going to test your patience, time management skills, logical thinking, and even decision making. It gets tough the longer it goes.  

Parenting is not just simply caring for a child. It goes beyond that. It’s too challenging to the point that it can lead to burnout. You can go from focusing on your chores to attending to your child real quick. Others opted for nannies and babysitters but for those who can’t afford or prefer to raise their children on their own, it’s mentally and physically draining. Nobody said that parenting is easy, but it can be made less difficult. With the right strategy and guidance, managing the house with kids can be a piece of cake.

While caring for your children should be your topmost priority, it is vital always to choose yourself first. Why? Simply because you can’t give what you don’t have. Your decisions and the way you think are influenced by the amount of rest and sanity you have. As you protect, nurture, and teach your child, you should be the one in a better shape so you can properly control what lies ahead for your child. This is the most significant step to ease the difficulty in parenting. Choosing yourself is already choosing your child.