Sometimes, everyday happenings can be quite the intriguing little mysteries in a child’s life! In Wee Willie One Sock by John and Jack Petrie, that is just the case! When Wee Willie walks to the kitchen wearing only one of his socks, his mom Janet gets the investigation going. What could have happened to Wee Willie’s One Sock?

In their frolic sleuthing, Janet and Wee Willie search all around the house for clues and eventually hear a puzzling sound – the origin of it can be traced all the way to the two prime suspects. No spoilers from me, but here is a hint: they are furry creatures who love to play!

Wee Willie One Sock is a short story, but it packs a lot of fun that will catch your kid’s attention through sheer curiosity and beautiful full-page pictures in watercolor drawn by Penny Weber. Oh, and there is more to the story than the story itself. The authors take the opportunity to teach children the usage of basic structures of questions, prepositions of place, and household vocabulary, making the book a great tool to teach all of those while the child enjoys their time with the mystery. In fact, Wee Willie One Sock is also a great book for young or even adult readers who are learning English as their second language for the same reasons and can be used by any teacher or tutor as a lighthearted way to get their students started in reading in English.

As the authors say in their description of the book: writing can be fun. And so can be reading! Wee Willie One Sock is a heartwarming tale and a great gift for children of all ages, even though it is the youngest ones who will enjoy it the most. And if you like quality material such as this book, be sure to check the authors’ other books for children!

The Moving Words Review